Enhancing Innovation by Crowdsourcing Creativity and Capabilities of Researchers Worldwide

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation is the cornerstone of success for any organization. The BERD research data marketplace is an incubator for such innovation, where data-providing organizations like yours can drive transformative research. By contributing data offers, you enable academic researchers to innovate based on your data – both monetizable for your company and vital for societal progress and economic development.

Join us in our mission to facilitate meaningful collaborations between the corporate world and the academic community, leading to outcomes that echo across industries and research fields.

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Isabella Hartig, M.Sc.

Next steps

1.We discuss openly
We discuss your objectives, options and potential concerns in a brief introductory call along

  • Scope of data to be provided
  • Access restriction requirements
  • Access approval process and conditions
  • Need for license or other legal agreements

2.You decide what suits you best
We are always open for tailored solutions according to your needs

3.We support you in building the dataset (optional)
The Data Engineers and Scientists in our network  are ready to support in building dataset(s) according to your objectives

4.We guide you in finalizing your data offer on the BERD Data Marketplace
From signing you up to ensuring to reflect your access approval conditions on the platform, we support you along the process

5.Review,  approve or reject applications
You are always in full control of who is allowed to work with your organization’s data.

6.Start managing your organizations research collaborations and earn the results!
You are ready to have top researchers worldwide work with your data on your terms, to get impactful insights and results.

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