Unlocking the Power of Corporate Data for Groundbreaking Research

Welcome to the BERD research data marketplace, a pioneering platform where the quest for knowledge meets the richness of real-world data. We understand that the heartbeat of transformative research is data — not just any data, but quality, in-depth, and often exclusive information that is not readily available to the academic community. Our research data marketplace bridges this gap by connecting researchers with corporations and public institutions that are custodians of such valuable datasets.

On the BERD research data marketplace, you’re not just accessing data; you are unlocking a vault of proprietary datasets that can catapult your research to new heights.

Collaborate with leading industry actors! These relationships can lead to co-authored publications, joint research initiatives, and a broader impact on both your academic profile and the industry’s landscape.

We recognize that robust research often requires substantial resources. In contrast, our research data marketplace allows you to access highly research relevant data free of charge. You only need to apply with a concrete research idea to be eligible for access.


Have great ideas and observations, yet no access
to relevant real-world data


Have relevant data, yet no capabilities or capacities
to work on innovative data science tasks

Organizations publish dataset offers, describing the dataset, objectives and desired outcome

Researchers review offers and apply for access, outlining specific research proposals to work on the data

Organizations control access and provide data to approved research projects

Organizations & researchers collaborate for impact and benefits of both parties

Storage and control of data always on the organization’s premises and terms!

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